Monday, February 27, 2006

Most Profitable Week As a Pro

Coming up on 8 months of playing for a living I've had my biggest winning week. Over $11,000 now. I'm not even really playing all that much, maybe 25 hours this week. What a rush. Playing $200+15's and $500+30's on Party (primarily the 215's) and the positive side of variance has the sun shining on my bankroll.

Its a much different game now that before the structure change but due to taking a few weeks off and playing MTT's and otherwise trying hard over the last few months to improve at post-flop poker I think I am far better than the average opponent I am coming up against. Before this part really didn't matter. It was push-fold for half the tourney. Now there is a lot of poker. Heads up is a battle, not all-in every hand.

I think I am going to start logging a few thousands hands a week at 100 or 200 no-limit as sort of batting practice for this stuff. Though I think I'm better than the average opponent, I am finding some very good players at times and its very obvious their post flop skills are far better than mine, so that means I gotta work hard to get where they are.

Wish me luck in my continued success staying at the 215's.

O and went to a sweet 50-cent and G-unit concert last night. Great performers they were, talking a lot and airing out all the 'beef' they have etc. Quite entertaining. The capper of the night was at the end 50 threw his hat out into the audience and after a 30 second+ struggle/mini-brawl I walked away with it. Fits my big ass head too. Still can't decide whether to put it on eBay or keep it.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill