Friday, February 10, 2006

Heads Up With Gigabet

I was kinda bored this morning before peak playing times started so I decided to put a post up on 2+2 challenging some of my peers to a surely -EV match. Four minutes later Gigabet replies and accepts my challenge and suggests we play a $5 Pot Limit Hold Em Tourney. We play a game and he just decimates me and then when its over he challenges me to another and another, before I know whats happening I'm down 0-3 and feeling like half a man as it seems from the chat the the majority of the Single Table Tournament forum is watching this sorry exuse for a heads up match. Then in the 4th game I finally got him in a good spot when my set of fours turned into a boat on the river and I pushed leaving him little choice but to call me on a board of 2 3 4 5 3 and holding a 6. The second game also went well for me and Gig won the 6th. The final game I made an all-in call on the flop w/ Q9 on a board of T8x with a gutshot and queen high. Amazingly that was good and held up versus Giga's jack hi.

What a clinic that was. Despite it being a $5 match we both tried hard and put each other to some tough decisions. This hand especially for me. I have never been put in a spot like that in my poker career. He must have put me on a Jack and figured I had no choice but to release it there. I did and he showed me T8o for a huge bluff.

I got Giga to agree to let me interview him for this blog during the match (I had previously not known him, though maybe now I can squeeze some lessons out of him for my journey back to the 215's!). He said in the next week or so he'll be available so if you have any specific questions or anything you'd like me to ask him send them to I am personally really looking forward to it and make sure to check back for the post!

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill