Saturday, February 25, 2006

$6k Day and Won My First MTT!

Yesterday was a weird day for poker. I never even played really and made $6,000. My buddy z32fanatic told me the $530's are soft at a specific time of day, so at that time I played 4 of them, made $2k. It took one hour. I giggled for awhile and did some other crap and then later decided to play a 4 person heads up tourney on stars ($200 buy-in)...won that, up another $600. Looked to see if any multi's were starting soon, there was a $109 on Party, ship it I'm in there. Parlay the $600 into one $500 heads up tourney, win that. Then I get ahold of some chips in the MTT...

I've been playing MTT's for a long long time as a winner and I never won one until...last night! I've had more final tables than I can possibly remember and several seconds, but just never closed it. Last night the cards fell right for me and I was very impressed with my own play.

I doubled my stack on the bubble after coming into the bubble with under the average. People play so tight on the bubble but the early ITM people only make like $10 more than the buy-in, I really don't get it. I could care less about getting my money back, I wanna win! So I pushed five straight hands 21 handed (top 20 pay out). Helped that from 21 down to the end I never lost an all-in showdown too. I got a giant stack at the final table and a rush of cards that I kept pushing and getting callers with. I sucked out once with KQ vs AK (I hit a running flush) but even if I lost that I still woulda had a huge chip lead.

So ya, fun times and poker is my friend today, though I'm not playing, recovering with a nasty hangover from the celebration.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

P.S. Got a new possible site for the blogging project. This name isn't mine and wont be used but the layout might be. Any feedback here or via email please. The homepage I think should be different but check the blog layout by clicking the links at the top. New Concept