Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Brutal Game

After a week of the cards seeming like they could do no wrong for me today I had over a $3,000 downsing (actually just over the $2,500 I made yesterday) and lost to two and three outers more times than I can recall now. What a game. These swings just boggle my mind now, but today for the first time I am happy to report I am not like super dissapointed about the result, I guess I'm getting used to this.

Finally got SNG Tracker working. Somebody asked in the comments of my last post if I could talk about some of the software that I use. Here is a great link put together by a 2+2er that has most things that I use and more Enjoy.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Monday, February 27, 2006

Most Profitable Week As a Pro

Coming up on 8 months of playing for a living I've had my biggest winning week. Over $11,000 now. I'm not even really playing all that much, maybe 25 hours this week. What a rush. Playing $200+15's and $500+30's on Party (primarily the 215's) and the positive side of variance has the sun shining on my bankroll.

Its a much different game now that before the structure change but due to taking a few weeks off and playing MTT's and otherwise trying hard over the last few months to improve at post-flop poker I think I am far better than the average opponent I am coming up against. Before this part really didn't matter. It was push-fold for half the tourney. Now there is a lot of poker. Heads up is a battle, not all-in every hand.

I think I am going to start logging a few thousands hands a week at 100 or 200 no-limit as sort of batting practice for this stuff. Though I think I'm better than the average opponent, I am finding some very good players at times and its very obvious their post flop skills are far better than mine, so that means I gotta work hard to get where they are.

Wish me luck in my continued success staying at the 215's.

O and went to a sweet 50-cent and G-unit concert last night. Great performers they were, talking a lot and airing out all the 'beef' they have etc. Quite entertaining. The capper of the night was at the end 50 threw his hat out into the audience and after a 30 second+ struggle/mini-brawl I walked away with it. Fits my big ass head too. Still can't decide whether to put it on eBay or keep it.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Saturday, February 25, 2006

$6k Day and Won My First MTT!

Yesterday was a weird day for poker. I never even played really and made $6,000. My buddy z32fanatic told me the $530's are soft at a specific time of day, so at that time I played 4 of them, made $2k. It took one hour. I giggled for awhile and did some other crap and then later decided to play a 4 person heads up tourney on stars ($200 buy-in)...won that, up another $600. Looked to see if any multi's were starting soon, there was a $109 on Party, ship it I'm in there. Parlay the $600 into one $500 heads up tourney, win that. Then I get ahold of some chips in the MTT...

I've been playing MTT's for a long long time as a winner and I never won one until...last night! I've had more final tables than I can possibly remember and several seconds, but just never closed it. Last night the cards fell right for me and I was very impressed with my own play.

I doubled my stack on the bubble after coming into the bubble with under the average. People play so tight on the bubble but the early ITM people only make like $10 more than the buy-in, I really don't get it. I could care less about getting my money back, I wanna win! So I pushed five straight hands 21 handed (top 20 pay out). Helped that from 21 down to the end I never lost an all-in showdown too. I got a giant stack at the final table and a rush of cards that I kept pushing and getting callers with. I sucked out once with KQ vs AK (I hit a running flush) but even if I lost that I still woulda had a huge chip lead.

So ya, fun times and poker is my friend today, though I'm not playing, recovering with a nasty hangover from the celebration.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

P.S. Got a new possible site for the blogging project. This name isn't mine and wont be used but the layout might be. Any feedback here or via email please. The homepage I think should be different but check the blog layout by clicking the links at the top. New Concept

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Blogging Project

Blogging project is coming along great. ZeeJustin, Korosh and many others have agreed to have their blogs included. At this point it looks like what we're going to have is an OurDomain.com/yourblog system going so people can come to the site and create their own blog and have it hosted on our site. Frontpage will be featured blogs/new postings etc. We'll have feeds coming direct from pre-existing blogs.

So anyway I have a sample homepage from a reader of this blog that I'd like to send out to ya'll for some (honest please) feedback.

Link To Sample

The text is just sample text, going for input on the colors, design, layout etc. Any and all feedback appreciated. You can post a comment here or shoot me an email to grindblog@gmail.com

We've narrowed the choices for a name down to GrinderBlogs.com, AnyTwo.net and anything you guys suggest. I really like AnyTwo.com but it is already owned and the owner wont sell for less than $800. I've been advised that is too much to pay for that domain. .net is kinda meh. If you have a good name please please go to www.whois.sc and see if its available and let me know. $50 to the person who picks the name that gets used!

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Monday, February 20, 2006

If There Were No Variance, There Would Be No Fish

If there were no variance, there would be no fish.

If there were no variance, there would be no fish.

If there were no variance, there would be no fish.

This is much more for my own benefit than anybody else's. Sometimes I forget this and its what I always tell people when they whine to me about variance (as poker players often do). The only reason the fish come back is because they sometimes win. If they always lost they would not come back. If they always lost they would not come back. IF THEY ALWAYS LOST THEY WOULD NOT COME BACK BILL!

These are 4 sessions I've had recently at the $200+15's.

-$3430 (old system, blogged on it)
-$3600 (new system, speed tourneys)
+$2000 (new system, standard sng's)
+$5100 (new system, standard sng's)

With todays session, the last one, I am up a healthy amount and currently have an unsustainable ROI over my 300ish $200+15 sample. I still don't know if I can beat this game, I still don't know whether or not I will eventually jump off of a bridge due to these swings. I still don't know how it is possible for one to make as much money as I am playing poker on the internet.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Friday, February 17, 2006

Possible Bill To Ban Internet Gambling

The online discussion boards are going crazy over this one and it obviously makes me a little nervous too. I'll let the articles speak to the details of the matter but I'd like to do my part to block this and call out for help from anybody who reads this blog. The following list was written by poster PiedPiper on 2+2 and I ask that you take a couple moments of your time and email your representative and tell them to stop this bill!


Original Post and Thread on 2+2

1. To find out who your representative is and their contact info, go to www.house.gov and use the form at the top.
2. Also go to www.senate.gov and contact your Senator(s) so that IF this gets through Congress, the Senate knows your opinions, but contacting your representative(s) from 1. is the most important at this time.
3. When contacting your representative/senator, let them know that you consider them your representative (regardless of your political affiliation) and that you expect them to represent you the voter.
4. Ask them where they stand on this subject so that you can make a better informed voting decision the next time they come up for re-election, and make it clear that you will be voting based on this issue (even if you don't vote).
5. Let them know that poker is different from simple "games of chance" in that skill dominates luck in the long run when it comes to poker, and hence, poker needs to be treated differently. Many representatives do not understand this and need to be educated.
6. Give them the (correct) impression that modern poker is played more like chess than craps, and that people who play poker these days are good, law-abiding citizens, many of whom are highly educated and intelligent. Let them know that poker players today say "Nice hand" after they lose, and that the Hollywood image of a drunken cowboy with a gun accusing someone of cheating is 100% incorrect.
7. Point out that popular Internet Poker sites are run by legitimate and reputable businesses that are publicly traded on different stock markets and are scrutinized by analysts.
8. Give the (correct) impression that Poker is very popular with the population in general, both young and old, and this can be seen by how popular poker is on TV. Let them know that by further prohibiting internet poker, they would NOT be representing a large percentage of their constituents.

Any other suggestions for dealing with Representatives/Congressmen and women/Senators are welcome, but whatever you do, PLEASE CONTACT THEM AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! It takes just a few minutes and can make a lifetime of differences for poker players across the country. I recommend sending them snail mail as well, but at LEAST send them emails. Almost all have very user-friendly online contact forms.


Please please take a moment and email your Congressman and Senator now. There is a phenomenon called 'Bystander Apathy' that works in these matters. Basically it means that people always assume their voice wont matter because others are already acting on it etc. Brutal rapes, fires, traffic accidents and THE BANNING OF ONLINE GAMBLING can all go unassisted because people stand by passively assuming somebody else will do something about it. Because of this Congressmen and Senators get very little input from their continuants and when they do get this feedback THEY LISTEN!

SO PLEASE click the link above and send off an email, you'll be doing a tremendous service to those of us who depend on this industry to live.


Wild Bill

Thursday, February 16, 2006

New PartyPoker Platform

PartyPoker is at it again. They bought Empire poker this week and then launched a new platform and interface. They totally changed the structure of one table tournaments (my domain) and added a $500+30 as the top buy-in.

There have been some bugs (I had the software crash on me while I had full houses on two different tables) but this is definately a positive thing. PartyPoker has (in my opinion) done an amazing job since booting the skins off of the network. Their VIP program is unmatched in online poker and they've always had the best software.

I tried 9 $500+30's today and I found the competition to be WEAKER than that of the $200+15's I'd recently played. This is most certainly due to the buzz created by the new platform and game etc. The good news for me though is that this will almost certainly make the games below it softer as the log-jam of pro's at the $200+15 level will be eased and I can hopefully move back up as it was not my bankroll that was the issue but my skill in relation to my opponents.

So all-in-all Party gets a huge two thumbs up from me on this one as I'm budgeting for 50-200% more income for the rest of the year :)

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Next Big Thing ;)

A project I am very excited about is nearly ready for market, all we need is a name! I have teamed up with several other blogging pro poker players and we will announce a site very soon where all of our blogs will be hosted in one place with a forum and any other features our readers/users request.

I am announcing a cash prize (and bragging rites!) to whoever comes up with the name! I really like the domains propoker.com and pokerproblogs.com but neither is available. I'd prefer a .com but am flexible on that. If you find a domain that is not registered and we use it for the site we will pay you $50! A great site for checking availability is www.whois.sc.

I can't name any names yet but it should make for a very cool user experience. If you'd like your blog considered for inclusion or have any other inquiries about this project you can direct them to me at grindblog@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Friday, February 10, 2006

Heads Up With Gigabet

I was kinda bored this morning before peak playing times started so I decided to put a post up on 2+2 challenging some of my peers to a surely -EV match. Four minutes later Gigabet replies and accepts my challenge and suggests we play a $5 Pot Limit Hold Em Tourney. We play a game and he just decimates me and then when its over he challenges me to another and another, before I know whats happening I'm down 0-3 and feeling like half a man as it seems from the chat the the majority of the Single Table Tournament forum is watching this sorry exuse for a heads up match. Then in the 4th game I finally got him in a good spot when my set of fours turned into a boat on the river and I pushed leaving him little choice but to call me on a board of 2 3 4 5 3 and holding a 6. The second game also went well for me and Gig won the 6th. The final game I made an all-in call on the flop w/ Q9 on a board of T8x with a gutshot and queen high. Amazingly that was good and held up versus Giga's jack hi.

What a clinic that was. Despite it being a $5 match we both tried hard and put each other to some tough decisions. This hand especially for me. I have never been put in a spot like that in my poker career. He must have put me on a Jack and figured I had no choice but to release it there. I did and he showed me T8o for a huge bluff.

I got Giga to agree to let me interview him for this blog during the match (I had previously not known him, though maybe now I can squeeze some lessons out of him for my journey back to the 215's!). He said in the next week or so he'll be available so if you have any specific questions or anything you'd like me to ask him send them to grindblog@gmail.com. I am personally really looking forward to it and make sure to check back for the post!

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just Do It

I don’t want this post to sound egotistical or like I feel like I’m better than anybody else or anything. Though I’ve always thought a lot about this, even more so over the last few months. I get emails and IM’s and talk to people all the time who are at least as capable and bright as me and many who are more so. They all act jealous of my life and like they are incapable of doing some of the things I am doing and have done. This is so frustrating to me, especially when many of them are friends I’ve had for a very long time.

There is nothing special about me. I probably have more flaws than most people. All I have is that I do things. I don't talk about stuff that I'd like to do and get all excited about it and then not act on it. I do it. I wanted to quit my job to start my own company. I did it. I wanted to put my company on hold so I could try and play poker for a living. I did it. I wanted to pack up all my stuff and put it in storage so I could move to Thailand. I did it. I wanted to break up with an amazing girl so I could see the world. I did it. I wanted to take a stab at playing with the Big Boys at the 215's. I did it (and got bitch slapped). Don't be scared. Don't make excuses for why you can't do things. Don't be worried about failure. Failure is part of life. So is living. Live.

The hardest part about doing something you’ve always wanted to do is doing it. Everything else is easy. If you want to take a trip to Europe, buy the plane ticket. If you want to move out of your parents house, put down a deposit on a new place. If you want to play poker for a living, put in your two weeks notice at work. If you have a great idea for a new product or a business, start it. You don’t need to have huge plush offices and a staff of a hundred to run that business. You can do it in an hour a week at first. Build a crappy website (or a have a friend do it for you for $20) and sell your products for free on Craigslist. Whatever it takes. Just do it. So many people are so afraid of failure that they limit themselves and what they are capable of doing.

If you really want something, you really really want it. Just do it. Don’t procrastinate or make excuses for yourself or look for reasons why you can’t do it. Just fucking do it.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yikes: -$3430

Yesterday I showed a very small profit for the day after at one point being down about $2,000. Today my five sets went like this:

0/6 ITM (-$1,280)
2/6 ITM w/ 2 3rds (-$480)
3/5 ITM 1 1st, 1 2nd, 1 3rd (+1,125)
0/8 ITM (-$1,720)
0/5 ITM (-$1,075)

Small sample. And I got issued several bad beats late tourney, but still. Thats a massive massive loss for the amount I had alloted for the 215's, and worse yet it is a pretty decisive blow to my confidence that I can beat the game. Twice today I can remember paying people off when I should have known I was behind. Early tourney once with AJs and a flopped jack (opponent held KK) and another time with AA vs a flopped set where opponent smooth called every bet I made and didn't raise once.

I'm not going to draw any conclusions or make any hasty decisions now, though I do feel outplayed to some degree. I'm not into my own money now and if I computed my $200+15 ROI I know that I'd still be winning because I have withdrawn more than I started with at this level.

I think I may drop down to the $100+9's as in over 1000 tournaments at that level my ROI was over 22%. I definately feel the SNG love once again and that is a good thing. I was very sick of them for awhile.

Wish me luck in whatever I do now and please keep the flames to a minimum on this one. I don't need anybody telling me I suck right now. I'd like to be able to be honest in this space but obviously when I am honest about bad stuff and some jerk-off kicks me while I'm down it makes me less inclined to do so in the future.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Saturday, February 04, 2006

16 Tables

Newt_Buggs from 2+2 earning some of his six figure salary in 2005. Man has had some sick results since taking up SNG's. For those of you who want to know what is possible, check out his post here

Wild Bill

Thursday, February 02, 2006

PokerAce HUD and MTH

I give my 100% full endorsement to both PokerAce HUD and MTH (Multi-Table Helper). Both were created by long-time 2+2ers and have been thoroughly tested and essentially developed (through requests and feedback) by the 2+2 community.

The first product is PokerAce HUD. You can download a trial version at www.pokeracesoftware.com. They charge $25 for the full version which is an absolute steal.

PokerAce HUD works with your PokerTracker database to give you some very valuable statistics on the other players at your table. VPIP (money Voluntarily Put in the Pot), PFR (Pre Flop Raise Percentage) and # of hands you've played with the opponent are all automatically put on the table for you for each player. The coolest thing about the software is that you can add just about any stat you could every possibly think of to appear as well. From how often they fold their Big Blind to a steal to what percentage of hands they win at showdown.

Another awesome feature of PokerAce HUD is that at the end of a hand, any hands that were mucked by players as 2nd best hands (at showdown only) are shown on screen for you. Yes we COULD open the hand history and see them for ourselves, but who does that at every opportunity? It looks like this:

It truly is an invaluable piece of equipment for any serious online poker player.


The second piece of software is called MTH (Multi-Table Helper). It can be downloaded at www.multitablehelper.com. This product was also created by a regular 2+2 poster and for anybody who wants to play a ton of tables at once, this can literally make your earn grow exponentially.

MTH (as it is known on the boards and to most of those who use it) makes playing a ton of tables at once a snap. You can load up a bunch of tables and tell the program where you want the 'active' table to be placed, and it will automatically position all the tables for you. When you have an action on a table it will move it to the active location so you can make your play. At the exact instant you have made the decision, the next table with a decision to be made pops up in its place. The tables are put in a queue and this makes it very difficult to ever time out, even if you are playing 10 tables on a laptop as I have done many times! You can also setup shortcuts on your keyboard to replace mouse clicks. You will have a literal ear to ear grin the first time you do this one.

The latest version of MTH even has voice commands that you can use, though I've never tried this, or many of the other fancy features. It’s a great product for multi-tablers and I highly recommend it. This one also is $25.

I suppose I should mention some cons, though as you can probably tell I'm a big fan of both of these. PokerAce HUD has an issue with the stats not always showing up on the screen for you, and they sometimes flicker. Though other than that I seriously could find no flaws and it’s very easy to figure out and use. MTH can lead to some errors of the human kind. I've pushed on wrong tables a few times and done dumb other things (not software glitches, just from not looking fast enough or whatever). Also with MTH it is hard to be improving your game when you can't see the outcome of your decisions. You'll just get notifications that you've busted from tourneys, you often won’t remember how or even what table that was. So use this with caution at higher limits.

If you'd like to have me review a specific poker product for you shoot me an email to grindblog@gmail.com and I'd be happy to.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill