Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tentatively Back in the Game

Funny how the human mind (or at least my human mind) operates. While on my vacation from poker, I decided to start dabbling with the $200+15's on Party. 1 and then 2 tabling them for one or two sets a night. No plan, just fun. If I lost, whatever. Don't need the money to pay bills, this is recreational money. So of couse I start winning. Even winning both tournes of a two tourney set once. Bad players here just like at the lower levels, but the good players are very good.

So ya I've purchased PokerAce HUD finally. I've got my PokerTracker up and running and I'm swapping HH's with other respected players. Bleh. Looks like I'm back.

Goal, to play on my roughly 30 buy-in bankroll at the 215's (mostly won money since I've been toying with them...former poker roll is now earning interest) until it is gone, I am certain I have a negative expectation OR I have made enough to buy my new most wanted poker toy and have a 100 Buy-In bankroll. Then I'll stick around until I run like crap over 1,000 tourneys and want to hang myself again. What a life. Don't you want to be a professional poker player? lol

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Fickle Bill