Sunday, January 29, 2006

Glad I'm Not This Cool

I put my AIM name on 2+2 for some hand histories and somebody with the handle justinbonomo AIM's me tonite and starts shooting the breeze. Ok a little wierd that one of the best SNG/Online MTTers out there just randomly IM's me in the middle of the night in the US, but ok. Then it gets around to his mission, can I do a funds exchange with him. I send him money on Stars and he sends it to me on Party, blah blah blah. I've done this 100 times with fellow 2+2ers and have no problem with it at all, but I've never interacted with ZJ (Zee Justin for anybody living under a rock the last year) so its a bit odd. I tell him to PM me on 2+2 and he tells me to send an email to lol SCAMMER! I PM ZJ to warn him and just as I hit submit the scammer gives me a link to ZJ's site where he talks about this douche bag.

Scary. Sorry man.

Anywho ZJ is a badass poker player and will likely be a TV celebrity once he turns 21 and can play in Vegas legally. Check out his site which I've linked to above and added to the list on the right.

Wild Bill