Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bangkok New Years

New Years is quite the holiday here. Two friends from the states flew in and my buddy Brandon up in Chiang Mai came to Bangkok and we all went out and had a blast. Brandon and I signed a lease on an amazing apartment in Bangkok. We're paying about the same as an average place in America but we have a furnished palace in an awesome location in downtown Bangkok. Maids quarters (we're interviewing), massive TV included etc etc. After spending so much time with substandard internet, infrequent warm showers and the like, thought it'd be +EV to have a stable pad for awhile.

The switch to MTT has gone as expected. Massive variance, mostly of the negative variety. The number of sickening beats late tourney is piliing up but I just keep remembering how this whole adverture started. I sucked out 3-handed for an extra $5k in that Party Super, if I had not done that this life may never have happened. I can take some viscious beats I guess.

Enjoy the pictures, should have some of the pad up soon.

May it be a prosperous New Year!

Me, Devin, Les and Brandon. 12:15 am. Destroyed.

Guy or girl? Find a lot of these in Thailand...

Authentic Thai people.

MBK Plaza

Fireworks at the World Trade Center

Me with some Beer Chang

For any of our friends reading this, Brandon has a bunch of pictures hosted at from New Years and other random stuff.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill