Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas in Bangkok

Merry Christmas everyone! Doesn't really feel like any kind of holiday to me other than the emails and phone calls back home and such. Its summer type weather here and as the country is Buddhist, Christmas is not a celebrated holiday for them.

Angkor is still on hold, I went to the Cambodian border for a visa renewal but for one reason or another leaving Thailand on an extended stay just isn't materializing. Did about a week on Koh Chang (beautiful and suprisingly underdeveloped) but the hi prices and LOUSY internet got to me, so back at the hub of South-East Asia. Qualified for two big MTT's fairly cheaply, the $500+30 $100k added on Stars and the $350+28 $750k Gauranteed on Party. Both have short fields and great overlay due to christmas...and with first place netting well over $100k in each of them I am hoping for the best.

Two friends just landed for a couple week stay and another is coming down from Chiang Mai so should be an exciting week or so heading up to New Years (a HUGE celebration in Thailand).

I'll be setting up a permanent residence here (or at least something for the next 6-months or so) to have a 'home base'. Living out of a bag for basically the last three months has made me miss a stable residence in sooooo many ways. After that its either to Cambodia and Vietnam or Australia and New Zealand. I'll probably flip a coin at some point and decide.

Wish me luck in these tourneys and if anybody cares to watch I'm playing as GigaFan on PokerStars and DegenFarang on Party.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill