Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ramblings: Grad School, Travel

My negative variance at the poker table will not let up in my one and two set sessions, so I have been playing very little over the last couple weeks. This has given me a lot of time to read, reflect and ponder my future.

I'll touch on a bit of my background first: I did the six year plan through college, finishing up in 2004. I banked a massive GPA from a semi-prestegious University of California campus. I took a corporate sales job out of college, decided to start my own company and finally quit my job after roughly a year. The company did very well but was no competition to poker when it came to my attention. It is 90% dormant now (not taking on any new business, but still servicing old customers), but ready to be jump-started again at any moment-my safety net if you will. I worked very hard in school so I'd be in line to get into a top graduate something.

After over a month of nearly uninterrupted travel (even the ten days I was home putting things in storage and saying my goodbyes felt like vacation), I have had a great deal of time for reflection and to put a massive dent in an ever growing pile of books I've been intending to read.

My entrepreneurial juices are flowing again. My mind is once again racing with ideas about the world and the nature of things-I've been reading about buddhism, surely thats had an impact as well. I think that now is probably the time for grad school-but why do I need an institution to tell me I am a Master of Business or Science? I'll obtain the Syllabus for all the core classes in Harvards MBA program and work off of that. I don't think I'll soon be looking for a job, so the paper will do me about as much good as the piece I have now-but the knowledge will do great things for me.

No news here, I'm not changing any gears-until further is the vehicle with the highest probability to provide financing for this expedition than any other I can see now. Though I will continue to seek ways to supplement this income, to provide passive income for myself so when the tables go bad (as they are now) my way of life is not in jeopardy.

Thats about all for now, a growing line of people waiting to use this computer (a free one provided by my hotel in Munich), and its getting on to 10am, time to go see this (I hear...) beautiful city.

Thanks for reading,

Wild Bill