Thursday, November 03, 2005

Project Thailand

Thailand is an amazing country, America is overrated. These two things I know for certain. Tomorrow I am boarding a plane headed for Amsterdam, I will trip around Europe for a week or two before making my way back to paradise.

Me and two friends (both also professional poker players) will be getting a house and bringing all of our computer equipement and poker books with us. They are meeting me there in late November.

Here is the plan:

Two of us are up to speed on how to beat Sit-N-Go's and have proven track records over several thousand tournaments. One of us is a proven cash game player who we will be coaching on how to beat SNG's. The two SNG pro's will be playing out of the same bankroll and the third will join the team when we both decide his game is stong enough.

We will then add players to this team in the same way. We will vote players onto and off of the team. All of our success will depend on the groups success, with individual results declining in importance as the group grows larger.

We would like to have the group backed, and pay players based upon number of tourneys played...not based upon individual results: this will be like a salary or wage. Profits will be divided up monthly and payed out to 'shareholders', these shareholders can be anybody; players, outside investors, players not yet on the team, parents of players...anybody.

The combined bankroll needs to be a minimum of 100 Buy-Ins per player (depending on their level of play). Accounts will be provided for use, and the rakeback earned on them (we have a deal in place for 25% per account minimum, and possibly more) will count toward the groups total profit, and will go to shareholders.

The wage paid to players will be 50% of what is determined to be the 'true' ROI for the game they are playing...for the entire team. So say a player is at the $50+5 SNG's on Party-and the teams true ROI is 15%, this player will be paid 7.5% (~$4.13) plus 50% of the rakeback (~$0.63) for each tourney they play.

Play, results and decisions will be monitored intensely to maximize profitability.

We beleive this collaboration and reduced focus on short-term results will have a significant impact on group and individual productivity and morale.

Players will be strongly encouraged to live in or near the house, and if they do not they will need to have been known for a significant period and be 'vouched' for by a current team member, this is to minimize risk.

We are currently accepting applications from players to be coached/mentored and possibly become team members, as well as investors who may like to purchase shares in the enterprise.

Please direct any inquiries, questions or suggestions to grindblog on AIM or

Now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill