Monday, November 28, 2005

Going Pro: Week 17 and 18: The Islands

Fantastic news from PartyPoker. They have released a Beta version of their new client available for download. The new client has a great feature, especially for us multi-tablers. It allows you to shrink the size of the tables allowing you to cram more onto your screen. This is great news for me as I was contemplating having my computer and 2001FP's shipped over, and now can sell those on eBay (hopefully netting an extra grand for my travels) and do it all on my laptop! I've played with the software and though there are a couple of drawbacks, it is still nothing short of a miracle. Party may have just won back a big chunk of their market share lost to PokerStars.

I am Back on the beautiful Thai islands once again. Unfortunately the journey has begun at a spot I'm less than enthusiastic about. Though some love Phuket and come back often, I find it very similar to Los Angeles. I lived in LA for a little over a year after college and didn't like it much at all...the sprawling smog-filled concrete jungle was extremely impersonal and slow to navigate. Phuket is much the same way. Even the extremely warm and friendly nature of the Thai people can't overcome the ailments created by the overdevelopment of this once (I read) idyllic island.

I had thought of staying here for quite awhile, as this is their peak season (best weather) though I'm headed off tomorrow morning to Koh Phi Phi (Don) a smaller, less developed neighboring islands. Phi Phi is famous for being the site of the film The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio (great flick about traveling in Thailand). The weather here is fabulous (sunny, 80-90 degrees and over 70 at night) so hopefully the life on Phi Phi is a little more at the pace I'm looking for.

I'd like to head back to Pha-Ngan (site of the Full Moon Party I wrote about) but the islands on the Eastern shore (Samui, Tao etc) are in the middle of their heavy rainy probably head that way in early 2006.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill