Friday, November 25, 2005

Chiang Mai: The Heat Goes On

Chiang Mai is a pretty so-so city. If you are into the outdoors (I rode an elephant, saw a snake show, went rafting) then you'd love it...I like beaches, big clubs and ACTION. Problem is this turbo-charged heater I'm on wont let up and the hotel I've been staying at seems practically designed by an internet pro. 
I have my own back section of the restaurant every morning (peak times in the US correspond to 6am-1pm Thai time) to use my laptop and be served $0.30 coffee and $1 omelettes. It is +EV to say the least. $18 a night US (expensive by Thai standards) but it is a palace...excellent staff (they make service in the US look pathetic) and $0.75 per hour internet (cheapest I've found in Thailand).

I'm wanting to head off somewhere else but it seems to be raining money once again. Sorry to anybody waiting on me for other projects...when poker goes like this, it is important to ride it out (and when it goes south, important to play less, as I described in my last post).

Got a new badass cell not available in the US (Sony Ericsson W550i) so will be putting up more and more pictures, so long as it and my laptop hold up on me. These are both at a beautiful buddhist temple up on a mountain overlooking Chiang Mai, one is of me the other is of the steps up to the temple.

Not sure on the next stop...looking like Eastern Thailand, Laos or Phuket...anybody have any suggestions? Also, I know I've been poor thus far on links and pictures etc...I really started this blog as more of a personal diary...but I know a lot of people are reading it now so I'll try and do this type of thing more and more:

I highly reccomend everybody checkout Curtains' (2+2) blog at: He is one of (if not THE) best posters in the 2+2 STT forum and a great great hi buy-in STT player.

Also check out a great post by Unarmed (2+2) about him undertaking something very similar to me Here

He's a bit younger than me but he's a great great player, he's been in Hawaii for awhile and now to New Zealand. Send him a bunch of PM's and tell him to start a blog!

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill