Monday, October 31, 2005

Here It Is

It has arrived. After almost four fantastic months of rushes and slight corrections and more rushes and consistent money, it has finally shown its nasty head at my doorstep. That nasty ass flip-side to positive variance is here. My first brutal downswing as a full-fledged pro.

It all comes down to this, my first true test. The first real adversity I have faced at the poker table in the last 15 weeks. It isn't that I have come to think my good forture would never end, I knew all along this would eventually happen...I just hate it. Every poker player, and especially every pro, hates this.

No matter what you do you cannot seem to win. You are blessed with an amazing gift to predict beats before they come. No big pair holds up more than 20% of the time.


Trips to Thailand and Vegas, working whenever I feel like it and more often than not, electing not to work at all. Not checking price tags, picking up the tab, investing insane amounts of money each month. Whatever. None of it will matter or last if I cannot make it through this stretch. This is my test.

Do I have what it takes to make this my profession? Or will I crumble to a little resistance from luck. Averaging over 23% at the 109's was not sustainable, for my average to come down I was going to have to lose, I was going to have to eventually break even for a long stretch. Well here it is. Just smile and take it Bill. Take it like a man, lick your wounds and move on. Protect your bankroll, be smart, keep your head up. This is what it is all about. Making it through this is what is going to separate you from all the other poor schumucks who have tried to come down this road before you, and failed. This is where we separate the men from the boys.

Wild Bill