Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Going Pro Week 13: The Best Party On Earth


Thats all I can think to say right now.


I've been all over the world to festivals and massive clubs and raves and all manner of events designed to give people a great time while under the influence of music, alcohol, drugs and/or just plain good vibes...and I have never seen anything like I have just seen on the island of Koh Phangan in the gulf of Thailand.


Ibiza, Spain; London; Las Vegas; Manhattan; Los Angeles; These are considered some of the best places around to party. None of them hold a candle to the Full Moon Party held once per month on Koh Phangan.

I'd estimate there were 15,000-20,000 people crammed last night on to the stretch of sand that is called Had Rin on the south side of the island. The party really began a couple of days ago with flocks of people coming in from all over the world and partaking in a series of 'warm up' parties and such. Though the real party began last night and is still going on now.

The Party really has no basis, it's not some ancient spiritual gathering or anything like that...just a party started in the 80's thats super badass and gets people talking about it and coming back for more.

Fire was by far the biggest attraction of the event, besides the great music (each of the roughly 10 bar/clubs along the beach playing a different mix-mostly house-onto the beach) and beautiful people. Fire breathers, throwers, twirlers and others dazzled the crowds with their tricks.

It is one of those things that you just have to see for yourself to understand, but I enthusiastically reccomend that anybody go out of their way to attend a Full Moon Party if they ever find themselves in this corner of the universe.

And about that poker thing...

A few people have asked about the internet connections over here...and for the most part they have been very good. The speed is much slower than the DSL/Cable I am used to...but it is plenty to support 10 tables of Party and email. I had a connection problem the first day playing that caused me to lose a 4-handed SNG, but other than that I have not had any connection issues that have lasted more than two minutes. They happen from time to time (maybe once a session on average) but this in my opinion is a small price to pay for being able to do my job in paradise.

I have recently started using Multi-Table Helper and my productivity in terms of tournaments played has gone through the roof. I don't have a large enough sample yet to determine the effect on ROI/ITM %'s, but it feels like it is not having much of an effect at all. Overall for the trip I have more money now than when I left home, so I cannot complain.

I'm going to be starting a series of product reviews on this blog for tools I have either tried or will try that help my online poker game. Some of these include SNG Tracker, Multi-Table Helper, PlayerView, Poker Tracker and others. If you know of any products you'd like me to critique or have one you'd like critiqued..please send an email to grindblog@gmail.com.

Time to get back to Thailand!

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill