Sunday, October 09, 2005

Going Pro: Week 11 and 12

Left California somewhere around a week ago bound for Bangkok, Thailand. After spending a night and 1/2 a day in Bangkok, Brandon, Will and I headed for Kho Sumui, a tropical Thai Island. Should have some pictures up soon but still working on the logistics of that one.

Spent a few wonderful days on Sumui Jet Skiing, sipping $1.00 beers on the beach and motorbiking it all over the island checking out waterfalls and such. An amazing time. Arrived today on Kho Phan-gan, a smaller, less-inhabited island a 45 minute ferry ride away. No plan for the next several weeks other than to have a blast and get some poker in when I can.

Not a lot of time now, I'll try and get a more in depth report up later this week and hopefully some pictures.

Me and Brandon are discussing a plan to organize some people to get Party rakeback given the current situation with the skins. Brandon is going to do some coding this week and we think we may have found a way to get up to 25% from Party and allow multiple trackers. If anybody is interested shoot me an email and we'll keep you updated.

Wild Bill