Thursday, September 15, 2005

Going Pro: Week 8

Life is good.

On the way to Vegas for the weekend (I turn 25 on Saturday) via a two day stop over in Los Angeles for some much needed live play action at the California State Poker Championships.

8-Tabling the 109's still and have a 23% ROI so far. I had one $2.5k downswing, but it was after I was up over $7k overall, so it didn't hurt all that bad. I hope to stay at this level for some time, and as I'm averaging ~$25 for every tourney I play (roughly $200 per hour plus rakeback) it appears I have what it takes, though until I hit 1,000 tourneys I'm not drawing any conclusions.

I've gone away every weekend for the last 5 and am taking a one-way trip to Thailand in early October with no plan for when I'm going to return. Staying at least three weeks there, then around Southeast Asia for a bit, then who knows what. As long as they have fast wireless some place over there I'll be content to four-table it on the laptop and hopefully break even for my travels.

All thanks to poker.

Two months into this and definately gaining confidence that I have what it takes.

I'll put up a full trip report when I get back from Vegas.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill