Thursday, September 29, 2005

Going Pro: Week 10 (The World Travelling Poker Pro)

The World Travelling Poker Pro-what is that exactly? A man with his laptop and backpack, in search of only two things: an amazing connection in your wireless hotspot and and fabulous time in your city.

Headed off to Bangkok, Thailand early next week (October 4th to be exact) and with little plan for what to do for the weeks and months thereafter, the thought of travelling the world with my laptop and playing online poker professionally is becoming very very appealing to me. This combines my two great passions: poker and travel.

I can think of every reason in the world why I should do this, and none why I should not. I do have a serious girlfriend here now, but we are meeting in Amsterdam in early November for a ten-day jaunt through the Netherlands and two a couple of festivals in Germany. She is in grad school and working full-time for the next several months, but after that she is free to travel as well. I see no issue with coming back to the states at least a couple of more times before next summer and having her come to see me a couple of times until then, and us making it just fine.

The cost of living in countries like Thailand and Argentina and India is so cheap compared to what it costs to live in California, and with the way my earn is going now it really doesn't make all that much difference. I can be seeing the most beautiful places on earth and working 10-15 hours a week AND STILL be saving more money than most people my age slaving away at their 9-5's. Why on earth would I NOT do it?

Wild Bill