Saturday, August 27, 2005

Going Pro: Week 5 (late)

Ok ok I got some flack last time from readers and friends about a lackluster post, and my theory on that is for every person who actually tells me it sucked, there are probably 15 (minimum) who were thinking it but didn't say it, so I waited to do this one till I could do it right.

So ya, poker has been treating me very well lately and closing in on the end of my sixth week, I still have yet to post a losing week, and wont unless things go horribly wrong in the next two days (my week is Tuesday-Monday). This week was split about even between live NL cash games and Party SNG's. Profits were about equal in each and totaled just under $1500.

When I started out I had absolutely no balance and was in front of the computer for over 50 hours a week, and I hated life even though I was winning at the tables. Now I'm splitting my time more between Online and Live and also doing a lot more things outside of poker-things moved along pretty quickly with somebody I was dating, went to Reno this week and also a family camping trip last weekend. This balance definately makes this life a lot more attractive and fun to lead. The first couple of weeks I went too hardcore at the tables and I lived nothing but poker, now it is just my 'job' and I do other things with my non-working time. This has done wonders for my satisfaction with poker and with life in general. It is finally starting to feel like something I would like to do for a long period of time.

I'm getting a place with a friend who's moving here from Santa Barbara and he's pondering going pro as well, at least for awhile. Having a partner in crime on this will be nice. I had to lie to the family on the campout after the negative reaction I got from telling my step-mom (two separate families, its complicated), told them I'm doing my company still blah blah. Public perception of this sucks! I'm still lying for the most part to my new girlfriend about it, she knows I'm way into poker but she thinks I run my company for the main job. The fact that I have the office still makes it very easy to lead this double life. I tell her I'm at work, and I'm not lying. I'm grinding out sets, talking to her on the phone while doing it even:

Her: 'How's work going'
Me: 'Well its one of those days, nothing seems to be going right (read: I've had aces cracked 4 times already and bubbled out after having 5-way chip lead 3 times!)'

What is wrong with doing this full-time? If people really understood what it was like they would not only not think it was some kind of negative thing to be doing, they would likely be very very jealous! Now that I am keeping normal hours and being social, there is no difference between what I am doing and what most working people do, except for the fact that I make a lot more money than most people my age and I get to choose my own hours and take time off whenever I please.

I know poker is making some progress in this area but it still sucks, at least to me. As a non-WPT/WSOP professional, it feels like I am on the fringes of society in a lot of peoples eyes.

So I need to find a way to tell my girlfriend and family about what I'm doing, and I also need to brace myself for the losing streak thats surely just around the bend, but for now I'm enjoying this heater.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill