Monday, August 15, 2005

Going Pro: Week 4

This past week my hours were again down from their peak, but this life felt a heckuva lot more 'doable' to me. I had a couple of 12 hour+ sessions and sparse playing in between those, with hours totalling around 30. Profit was nice, a tad under $2,000 in total. I have been adding live play into my game a lot more. I lived in Los Angeles up until a couple of months ago, so most of my NL Live play was done in Brick & Mortar cardrooms, but there aren't many of those where I'm living now, and I've been craving the balance that gives to my game. It really helps to switch from one form of poker to the other (tournament to ring games) when things get tough, or just plain boring, which can get to be the case with playin SNG's non-stop.

Most of this weeks profit came from live NL play, at a variety of sites. I'm really getting into this whole rakeback thing and I'm discovering that there are a bunch of good sites out there where you can get great deals and some decent bonuses too ;) Our Empire group is coming together great and I really think we'll be able to get it up to our target revene in September, so 30% for all of my SNG play!!

I took the advice I received from multiple sources and did something besides eat, sleep and play poker this week and last, and I think it is really paying off with a great long term potential in this, and also in me playing better when I do play. I obviously still have some bad days/sessions, but when I have a release or two, and don't just have to dwell on it, wake up and do it again, I am much happier and play much better. Life can also be a distraction, I didn't play at all this weekend, but balance is a must I've discovered.

I did about an hour worth of work for my company the past week, and still entertaining the idea of ramping it up again, though with the steady poker profits and the more balanced life I'm creating, this is starting to grow on me. You just can't argue with the flexibility and freedom that this life creates. Reading about Unarmed's (2+2) success and plans to travel and play for a year really inspired me. I have a thriving travel bug in me, how awesome it would be to grind it out from the laptop in hotels accross the world.

To anybody who is considering doing this on their own, one thing that I would say is an absolute must is to find some people who have done it, and try to learn from them. I have been very fortunate to have some great guys who play professionally reach out to me and provide some much needed advice and guidance. You know who you are, thank you. And also thank you to everybody who has given me feedback for this blog, please keep it coming, I take it very seriously.

Anybody who likes this blog has definately got to check out Fox's Diary of an Online Pro hosted on (also a great resource). He has some great stuff in there on whoring and also what its like to be a pro. Highly recomended.

Now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill