Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Going Pro: Week 3

I made a couple of other posts through this past week, so if you'd like some more detail feel free to scroll down and check these posts, also note the Acronyms list on the lower right. I'll add more as they creep in.

This week was by far the best I've had yet from a financial and enjoyability perspective. I made a total of 5 final tables in my MTT play and cashed a total of 7 times. I played very few SNG's and my total number of hours was also quite low, though I had a great time and the love for poker is starting to creep back.

I began the week with my horrible 1/16 ITM streak at the 55's stretching to 2/24 (1 of my next 8). I was really considering not going on with this in the midst of this. My roll was in fine shape but I was just not getting the kinds of results I had anticipated, though going into this I knew this type of thing would happen. I guess all the mental preparation in the world can't fully prepare you for what it is like to depend on poker as a source of income, and have the cards not fall as you'd like them to.

I began rounding up investors to get my company back into action and doing some research on some new web projects. I hadn't fully ever thrown in the towel but I had the towel in my hand and my arm was cocked. Then I decided to give some MTT's a shot and had a huge score on Wednesday night, making two final tables (a 5th and a 2nd) and grabbing a nice payday. (For more info on these tourneys see below posts). I FT'd again on Thursday in a 390 player 100+9 event, I then took Friday off and spent it with some college friends in San Francisco having a great time and enjoying not staring at the computer for awhile. Saturday when I came back I made two more final tables! That is a total of 5 FT's in four days, and just three sessions! I never won one but the total take was very nice, less than five figures but a great boost to the bottom line, and the confidence.

So now is a very odd time. I just made a ton of money and am stoked with these results, but I am also in a difficult pickle because I know that the lean times are again just around the bend and I have shown myself that it is pretty hard for me to weather these times psychologically. I got some great feedback from the readers of this blog that I should spend less time playing and more time on 'life' and this week I did that, spending two full days playing no poker and two others with a minimal schedule.

So as for what the next week holds, I really don't know. I very well could have a bad session and restart the company or have a great one and decide to continue on. I am very much on the fence at the moment. Nice to have outs though.

The rakeback group I talked about last time is coming together well and with the added money from that (I am currently only getting 20%) it should help to keep my head above water in the lean times.

Until next time.

Wild Bill