Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ahhhhhh Thanks Doc, Much Better

This weak started like dog poo. String of beats started Monday night kept going Tuesday and by last night I was really starting to rethink this whole thing. Then as if the poker gods had realized I was on my last shred of hope they decided to change the batteries in my luckbox and I PWNed a couple of MTT's on PP tonite. I still do not have my first ever real money MTT win, though I am sitting on a great little payday. FINALLY!!! As I've said in the past, it all comes in bunches. Anybody wanting to do this for themselves better be ready for the swings. In one sitting I more than doubled my income for the entire last two weeks, and it had been a decent two weeks.

I played 4 MTT's on Stars to start the day, where my new nick seems to be quite popular in the chat box (GigaFan) and cashed in two small events and made it very far in the 50+5 rebuy before busting on a difficult hand against a great player, Colson10. Then as these were winding down I started 3 on Party as well, a 20+2, 50+5 and 100+9.

The 20+2 ended before the money, but on the 50+5 I was tourney chipleader from 1/2 the field down to around 30 when I briefly lost it. I ended up taking 5th in this after making a marginal to bad call late with my AQs to a limp re-raise from the SB. Many people may see that as an auto-muck, but for me my table image really comes into play in these spots. I am very Loose Agressive in MTT's when the blinds get big. This guy had been at my table from 50 down to now. He saw me do a lot of this type of stuff. Thats all I do. I am horrible at 'poker' (well not horrible, but I am not by any means a great player post-flop etc), where I excel is at spotting weakness and having absolutely no qualms about putting a ton of chips in the middle with a marginal hand if I think a guy can't call me. Well he flipped JJ and I lost the flip and in retrospect, he was trying to trap me, and he was not taking a stand (what I had hoped) so I probably would have been correct to fold. Though if I had won that flip I would have had the majority of chips in play 4 handed, so I don't think a lot of second guessing needs to take place.

The second tournament was a 100+9 on Party and I really just hung around the whole tournament. I played my first hand with 540 chips left when I pushed my KTs and was called by QJ and won. Then I started opening up at 75-150 and pushing. Doubled up a couple of times but never had more than average until we were very close to the money. I was concentrating so hard on the other table that this one was pretty ABC down to the money. 15 handed I pushed with 44 UTG (trying to get the blinds to fold as my LAG self) and ran into 99 and JJ. Flop had a 4 and it was pretty smooth sailing after this triple up.

Final table started a bit later and at the final table I really opened up and started nabbing blinds. 4 way I got two shorties in with AQ vs 99 and 88 and spiked the Q on the turn and got HU. Though HU this guy caught a great run of cards, or just flat-outplayed me, and I didn't hit a single pair and went out pressing the hell out of a flopped 4 flush. Another second. No regrets on this one either though. Great payday (I'm not going to list MTT cash amounts for reasons I stated in my last entry) and put me very solid in the black for the week, after a bad two days.

Its late and I need sleep but that was a ton of fun and for today, the love is back and looking nice. I am also very committed to my LAG MTT game now. I have been discussing tournament strategy a great deal with a friend and me and him probably couldn't be further apart on the spectrum of styles. I tried being a nit for a week or so in MTT's and the best I did was to survive for a long time and cash well before the real money a bunch of times. Ok thats fine for some people, but not me. I like to press people, and run delayed bluffs and try all the new tricks I learn (hence my Stars handle GigaFan), so I am once again committed to that. Wild Bill is back!!!

Thanks for all the feedback and all the hits. I think this blog is really starting to get a following. Over 3,000 hits on Tuesday and 1,000 today, and I didn't promote at all today. So please keep the feedback coming (positive is nice, but the constructive criticism is more valuable), any changes you'd like me to make or things you'd like me to add or take away.

Until next time,

Wild Bill