Sunday, July 24, 2005

Somebody Stop These Kids!!

While in the midst of a pretty blah week in my attempt to make poker my full-time job I get the pleasure (sort of) of watching two of my students, one former and one current, crush the online MTT universe. It started a couple days ago when Mr. Yi final tabled in two Empire tourneys AT THE SAME TIME and ended up winning them both! I think thats got to be one of the most improbable things I've ever witnessed. One tourney had just over 100 players and the other just shy of 200. Needless to say he played outstanding poker and had a rediculous run of cards on both tables. Wish I could say he learned it all from me but he was pretty much a poker stud to begin with, grats Danny! Nice job!

Ok so if that isn't bad enough last night I watch my current student, who I'd say is about 25% of the way to where he will be in a month or two, final table on Empire and basically win the tournament by outplaying the entire final table (with a little help from coach over AIM). I say 'basically' win because he had to suffer two brutal all-in suckouts from 4-handed down. He made a great call with AQ vs an AJ push and had the J flop, he would have had over half the chips in play with that pull, and have been three handed. Then heads up he makes another fantastic call with K9 top pair vs K8, only to see that 8 river. Ouch. Nice work though sir, you definately deserved the victory.

So ya, while I pound out my rakeback (and not much more) this weekend I get to watch the whole world get rich. Fun times.

I'll get mine soon enough, glad to see these guys get a piece of theirs. Again, grats guys.

Should have my full Going Pro: Week 1 report up by Tuesday.

Wild Bill