Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Going Pro: Preface

In the spirit of Mr. David Ross, our resident 'tell the tale of going pro' pro from 2+2, I've decided to start this blog to chronicle my own journey while attempting to 'go pro'.

I will make (at minimum) weekly posts detailing my progress and all of the ups and downs that are sure to come. I would like to use this space to be able to refer back to later to see my own progress and also to allow others interested in possibly undertaking the same task to be able to have a look into the life of somebody who has done it.

What brought you to this stage of lunacy you ask?

I made a post here in the 2+2 STT forum providing a brief history of my background with poker for anybody who is interested. I've had a great run over the last year that has no doubt been due in large part to my becoming a sponge for advanced poker knowledge over the same time period.

Though I do own a small business, it has become pretty inoperable over the past month as I decided to move its location to a different part of California to better take advantage of our target market. I took the last two weeks off after we moved and after I had a great score in a Super Monday event on PP at the beginning of July. I took this time off to take a vacation from work and because I didn't know when I'd have a break from the company again, as the plan was to begin hiring when I returned, which is now :)

Well over that two weeks I did very well in my play in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and New York at some private clubs (at my choice of vacation destinations you might begin to see how big a part of my life poker is). I not only won money for the most part, but I was very happy with my own play and my ability to play at higher levels. Some of the conquests included sitting with 'the big boys' in 5-10 and 10-20 blind No Limit cash games and playing in many $225 and higher Single Table Satellites for the WSOP. I also final tabled at a $500+40 Multi at Bellagio. All of these are higher stakes than I have ever before even ATTEMPTED.

Possibly the success has gone to my head, but as I said before, it has been an amazing YEAR, not month. A year ago I was telling myself 'its just a good week, don't get too excited'. Then it became 'just a good month' then 'just a good three months'. Well here we are a year later, and I am still crushing the game. It has reached the point where it seems highly possible that to spend my full energy on anything but poker is costing me money.

I am blessed to have a nice bankroll for myself from the tourney score and from my success online recently and from my trip. I am also lucky that if this does not work out, I can very easily restart the growth of my business and produce income for myself, what a wonderful safety net. I will still leave the business open for now, but only have a secretary monitoring current customers, not seeking to bring on any new ones-which is where 99% of my time is required.

I don't have a set amount of time I am willing to put into this, only a set bankroll. I have done like a good little boy and set aside six months of living expenses, and have what I consider a suitable roll. Now for the fun part: doing it! Wish me luck and I hope that you will follow my progress.

I will be playing, for now, Sit-N-Go tournaments on Party and Party Skins. I will also be playing a large number of Multi's on Party, Empire and PokerStars. Also, as I think it really helps strengthen my own game, I will be coaching a select group of players in their quest to master beating SNG's.

My stabs at the higher levels will probably be just that. I will soon gravitate back down to my comfort zone of 30+3 and 50+5 SNG's if I hit a significant wall at the 100+9 and 200+15 SNG's, I do not want to put this adventure or my roll in jeopordy. Hopefully some of my readers will give me constructive feedback on what they would do with regard to playing levels.

I will make my first weekly post sometime after the coming weekend. I plan on a full playing schedule over the next week and hopefully I can get this started on the right foot!

Until next time.

Wild Bill